Missional Map


Neighborhood Church has a handful of ministries in addition to the weekly Worship Celebration. We believe in doing a few things well rather than trying to be a church with a million programs. Everything we do helps us celebrate, accompany, or serve.



Neighborhood Youth Ministry is a fun, relevant time for Middle School and High School students that meets each Sunday from 6 to 7:30 pm. For more information, visit the youth page.



Neighborhood Kids and Neighborhood Tots are available for our kids up through elementary school each Sunday during the Worship Celebration. To learn more, visit the children's page.



Home groups are one of the most important aspects of our church--something we believe everyone should be a part of. To learn more about our them, visit the home groups page.



There are many ways to serve in our church and there are many ways in which our church serves our community.

Our ministry to our community involves work in areas of compassion and justice. We are involved in a Nomadic Shelter for the Homeless, teaching English as a Second Language at a nearby community center, and playing a key role in a multi-church effort to run a camp and mentoring club for local Foster Kids. To learn more about our local mission, visit our community service page.

Within the church there are many ministries to serve in, from greeting to ushering to children's ministry to cleaning. The Bible teaches us that every person in a church is important. That's why we believe that everyone can be involved with serving in and outside our church. Email Us if you are interested in getting involved with serving at Neighborhood Church.