Do you ever feel like you're just wandering through life? Every one of us wanders at times on this journey called life. But there is a clear direction and path that will lead us home. Jesus said "I am the Way," and when we follow Him, we soon find that we are welcomed home into a loving family of people who are following Jesus together. That's why Neighborhood Church's mission is:

Guiding life's wanderers home along the Way of Jesus.


Our values inform every decision we make. As a church, these five values are our motives--the reasons why we have a mission:

  • Wandering people matter to God
    • He longs to welcome them home
    • He values people from all walks of life
    • He sends us to them

  • Following God is an adventure
    • Listening to God involves patiently waiting
    • Following God's lead involves taking faith-filled risks, which always means change
    • Pursuing God involves a lifestyle of prayer

  • The Holy Spirit empowers us
    • He enables us to live holy lives
    • He enables us to accomplish great things
    • Without Him our efforts are fruitless

  • Followers of Jesus guide others
    • True followers of Jesus produce more followers of Jesus
    • Leaders develop more leaders in an environment of grace
    • Churches plant more churches

  • Everything we have belongs to God
    • We are only managers
    • Where would God spend His money?
    • Why not use our skills in His service?


You can learn more about each of our Missional Motives by listening to the sermon series in which we first introduced these values to our church.

Guiding Life's Wanderers Home Along the Way of Jesus - Nick Ratiani

May 10, 2009

Wandering People Matter to God - Nick Ratiani

May 17, 2009

Following God is an Adventure - Clurie Anderson

May 24, 2009

The Holy Spirit Empowers Us - Nick Ratiani

May 31, 2009

Followers of Jesus Guide Others - Josh Ratiani

June 7, 2009

Everything We Have Belongs to God - Nick Ratiani

June 21, 2009



We know that we are each on a journey along the Way. Just as a physical journey is made up of steps, our spiritual journeys develop over time. We use a map to remind us of what our next steps are.

Typically the first step in getting connected at Neighborhood Church is to join our Sunday Worship Celebration at 10:30 am. We call this step "Celebrate," as we join together and celebrate the new life we find in Jesus.

The second step in our journey together as a church is to Accompany each other along the way. We do so through our home groups that meet on a weekly basis. We don't just come together to be stationary, but to accompany each other along our spiritual journey.

The third step we take together is to Serve, both in our church and outside of it. God has given each person skills, talents, gifts, and a unique personality. We each play an important part in our church and the world around us. We value finding ways to serve our church and the community around us.

Missional Map

Guiding life's wanderers home along the Way of Jesus.